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13539 135 Street

Edmonton, Alberta MLS # E4137957

C/O Jennifer Kennedy/Kennedy Real Estate

$289 000 4 beds 2 baths 1297 sqft

An original Fekete home and original owner selling too! This home has only had one family live in it and is well built. Great bones with even greater potential to be a fantastic reno'd home to a new family. One of a kind floor plan too with the upper loft addition off the back fo...

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$289 000

4 beds 2 baths 1297 sqft

13539 135 Street

Edmonton, Alberta MLS # E4137957

C/O Jennifer Kennedy/Kennedy Real Estate

$524 000

5 beds 4 baths 2244 sqft

1330 FALCONER Road

Edmonton, Alberta MLS # E4134347

C/O Jennifer Kennedy/Kennedy Real Estate

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