Annabelle was born in La Belle Province (Quebec City). After receiving her Bachelor Degree from the University of Alberta, she decided to pursue a Master's Degree at Laval University. Annabelle worked as a Human Resources Professional for approximately 10 years before deciding to start her family. Her spouse and her are now proud parents of three beautiful children; Anissa, Mataan and Ayaan.


Although Annabelle enjoyed working as a Human Resources Manager, she decided to start a career in Real Estate. Being the product of two parents working in the architecture/construction field, Annabelle has always been passionate about homes.

Lifestyle Speciality: New comers, family upgrading/downsizing.

Favorite Childhood Memories: La Cabane a Sucre (sugar shack).

Fantasy Vacation: Sailing around the world.

Favourite Expression: "La creme de la creme" which is what she promises to offer all her clients, The best of the best!


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