Alessandra was born and raised in Edmonton and grew up in a family that was already involved in the local real estate market. This made it an easy decision for Ali to take the plunge herself and start building her own portfolio and assisting others to do the same. Ali has been able to combine her love for interior design with identifying and showcasing a home's true potential....


Having grown up in Edmonton and being surrounded by family members already involved in the local real estate scene, made it an obvious choice for Ali to dive right in and get involved with helping others with their buy and sell needs. Ali has experience in all facets of real estate from residential, commercial, permitting, income properties and properties with potential.

Ali has always had an eye for interior design and staging. Ali worked as an interior design specialist for 2 years while building her real estate career and portfolio. With this talent for design Ali's has been instrumental in assisting her clients by showing them what a home's potential could look like. This is just one of many talents Ali has in her real estate 'tool box'.

Ali's clients find her an absolute delight to work with. A fluent communicator with a flare for design and an eye for showcasing a home's true potential.


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